Monday, July 5, 2010

Paper Tiger Reads: 21st Century Working Woman

A feminist comedy show examining the representation of working women in mainstream media and the evolution of women's place in the workforce over the past 50 years with a special focus on contemporary women's issues.
Structured as a local news program featuring two female anchors (JC Wyatt and Tess McGill, formerly of Working Girl fame) this show uses slapstick comedy, man-on-the-street interviews, live music, kitschy camera techniques, big hair-dos and plenty of cribbed footage to examine a myriad of issues related to the contemporary working woman. Topics covered include the economic crisis of 2008, the current state of women in the workforce, a profiles Non-Traditional Employment for Women, a New York based non-profit that helps women enter the construction and building trades, and a creative critique of mainstream media representations of women working.
The live show also features special guest performer, the inimitable, glitter punk, accordion toting Mira Stroika singing her original song "Norman Rockwell," as well as a traditional Russian folk song and a beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel."
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