Saturday, November 8, 2008

Election Night Show Part 2

The second half of Paper Tiger's live hour-long live election coverage on MNN.

Election Night Show Highlights

From a surprise performance by an experimental gospel singer, to engaging discussions about Obama's silence on drug-war policy, his support for the Wall Street bailout, and his plans to increase military spending, Paper Tiger's live election show responsed in real time to the Democratic presidential victory.

Featuring Detroit-based experimental and gospel singer Abigail, the Indypendent newspaper's Steve Wishnia, Nick Powers and Arun Gupta, and Isabel Macdonald of the Paper Tiger TV collective.

Election Night Show Part 1

First half-hour of Paper Tiger TV's hour-long live election night show, broadcast on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (Manhattan cable access TV) 10:30 - 11:30 pm on November 4. Featuring the Indypendent newspaper's Arun Gupta, Nick Powers and Steve Wishnia and Paper Tiger TV collective member Isabel Macdonald.

McCain-the-Maverick Rap

Bye-bye Republicans! After the announcement of Obama's electoral victory, in the middle of Paper Tiger's live election show on Nov 4, the crew bid farewell to the Republicans with this music video directed by Matthew Filipowicz from

The Can-didates Debate

This 30 second clip from Paper Tiger's live election night show probes the parallels between presidential campaigns and branding, highlighting some of the issues that were, er, not debated in the televised presidential debates. Animation by Gary B. Martin.