Thursday, August 27, 2009

Urban Environmentalism: DIY Green Living

Paper Tiger Television introduces you to New Yorkers who have found ways to live more sustainably through DIY environmentalism. The creative and unique projects of these city dwellers show how living in urban settings encourages rather than hinders their ability to live a green lifestyle. This show features segments on worm composting as an alternative to landfill waste, reusable bags for green markets, food foraging walks with Wildman Steve Brill, and the monthly "Really, Really Free Market" in Manhattan, hosted by the In Our Hearts Collective. As an extra bonus, there is also an archival piece about the thriving yet threatened Lower East Side community gardens, documenting the residents struggle to save their gardens from the wrath of Mayor Giuliani's gentrifying bulldozers. Finally, the show includes a studio conversation between community members discussing how environmentalism, through resourcefulness and perseverance, can become a part of everyone's urban routine.

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how to live green, no preaching